So, about this blog…

Recently, I started a WordPress page with the intention to post some of my fictional writing works. And in due time, I will indeed put my money where my mouth is and post those works of fiction on that site. However, I also didn’t want to let another side of my writing go to waste. I’d received advice that starting a blog would be a good idea. Personally, I’ve always wanted to do one where I would discuss my opinions on topics I have a huge interest in such as pro wrestling and music, but I didn’t feel like I had any good or unique ways to present them. I didn’t want to come across as a guy on the internet rambling on in a boring fashion. Luckily, I recently came up with some ideas what I can feature on a blog:

Album/Song/Music Video Reviews: I listen to a ton of music and feel like I could probably give my opinion on a bit of it.

Fantasy Booker: As a wrestling fan, I do tend to create my own dream scenarios for feuds and storylines. I plan to potentially present some ideas for angles that may or may not end up happening. (Nine times out of ten, they won’t.)

FearlessRiOT Countdown: I love countdowns; watching them, making them, I’m just a countdown addict. And as such, I plan to post most countdowns on various topics ranging from the aforementioned music and wrestling, as well as TV shows, movies, maybe even food.

Throwback: In this segment, I look back on something that was either popular or that happened in yesteryear with the intention of sparking the nostalgia in anyone who decides to read it.

I plan to come up with other themes as time goes on, but for now, I think this is a decent foundation for a blog. I hope to have my first real post up soon; I already have an album review and a few countdowns waiting in the wings, so get ready for the ride.

And don’t forget to keep a look out for some of my fiction writing works at


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