FealessRiOT Forecast: WWE Survivor Series 2015

The music and wrestling Gods are fighting for my attention once again it seems as this Sunday, the music world will gather together and honor the year’s most popular and best-selling acts on the American Music Awards while the WWE Superstars and Divas fight for survival at the Thanksgiving classic Survivor Series. And since I’ve made it my mission in the forecast to predict the winners of both upcoming award shows and WWE events, I’m requiring myself to sit down and put my brain to work on predicting who’s gonna win at both of these events. We’ve covered the American Music Awards; now it’s time to tackles Survivor Series.

Following a successful title defense at Hell in a Cell against Kane, reigning WWE Champion Seth Rollins wound up injuring himself at a house show a few weeks back and had to forfeit his WWE World Heavyweight Championship as a result. It spelled the end of a dominant-if-not-messily-booked reign that cemented Rollins as one of WWE”s most gifted and despicable superstars. But with him gone, someone must fill the void and WWE put on a tournament to determine a new champion. This tournament will be the big main attraction of Survivor Series and as such, the very implication of a classic Survivor Series match happening has been a total afterthought. While I speculate on whether or not we’re gonna get one, let’s focus on the matches that are already locked-in done deals.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze


This feud is the ultimate in narcissistic-blonde-on-narcissistic-blonde violence this side of Sharpay Evans vs. Regina George. Dolph Ziggler has been making a name for himself on the main roster, to immense popularity and so-so returns. Tyler Breeze has been making a name for himself in NXT, to immense popularity and so-so returns. These two are so alike, you’d think it was one person’s wrestling their reflection. Even the woman at ringside, Summer Rae, is similar to them: a woman who has been making a name for herself in the Divas Division to so-so returns and immense popularity….among most people I follow online, anyway.

Who I Want to Win: Tyler Breeze because he needs some victories, man!

Who Will Win: Tyler Breeze.

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte © vs. Paige


I have an immense interest in this match; say what you want about how disrespectful mentioning Charlotte‘s late brother was in the fashion that WWE did this past Monday, but it at least got me curious on how the match will play out. Because if they go in with a normal match after that, it’d be such a letdown. Charlotte and Paige on Sunday should be one hell of a fight; I’ve been playing around in my head with the thought that it could play out similar to the Lita/Trish match from this same PPV in 2004 or somewhere near that ballpark. It would at least be more interesting than the usual Divas feuds they get; maybe after that, they can drop the real-life death thing before it’s too late and just have the bad blood between these two grow from there.
Who I Want to Win: I want to say Paige so much; y’all know how big a fan I am of the Santa’s Little Helper star. But it makes more sense for Charlotte to win to keep the story going.

Who Will Win: Either Charlotte will win straight-up or she’s gonna get DQ’d and Paige will win, but not get the title.
Undertaker & Kane vs. Bray Wyatt & a Wyatt Family Member


Bray Wyatt is now a hillbilly with superpowers. He’s no longer just real-life Fuzzy Lumpkins after watching Camp Fear and attending church a few times; he’s now real-life Fuzzy Lumpkins after watching Camp Fear and attending church a few times and mixed with Storm from the X-Men if Storm from the X-Men lacked a conscious. OK, so he got his powers from eating the kidneys of a zombie and a demon or something, but whatever. The point is that he’s targeted Undertaker and Kane; not a wise decision even in the Brothers of Destruction’s old ages. Now, Brat Wyatt must choose one of his family members to face Kane and Undertaker, because I guess just having the Brothers choose two other people to team with them and face all four Wyatt Family members in a 4-on-4 Traditional Survivor Series match made too much sense.
Who I Want to Win: I’m torn. On one hand, it’s Undertaker’s 25th anniversary and it’d be nice to make it a happy one for him. However, part of the reason I lost interest in Bray Wyatt is because he talked a lot of gibberish smack, but barely won, so I’d love to see him win so I can take him seriously again. So I’m not sure who I want to win. But as for who will?

Who Will Win: Undertaker and Kane, because it’s Undertaker’s 25th anniversary. WWE regularly have wrestlers lose on their birthdays or in their hometowns, but even they would be nice enough to let the Deadman win on the 25th anniversary of the non-existence of his character.
WWE Championship Tournament Semi-Final
Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens


Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens. If this match was powered by pure entertainment value alone, this would be a catch miss spectacle. Both guys have such entertaining characters and are so good in the ring. OK, sure, KO isn’t cutting it well enough for the liking of Melissa Joan Hart (yes, the lead actress from one of my favorite 90s TV shows, Sabrina The Teenage Witch), but that’s just one person’s opinion and a bunch of people apparently disagree with Clarissa’s explanation because he can still put on a great match when highly motivated. The same can be said for the unpredictable Dean Ambrose, who has been chasing the WWE Championship for so long, he even got to the point of stealing it. Could Survivor Series be the night for the Lunatic Fringe?
Who I Want to Win: Dean Ambrose, obviously.

Who Will Win: Dean Ambrose, please!
WWE Championship Tournament Semi-Final
Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio


On the flip side, we have Dean Ambrose’s brotha-from-anotha-motha Roman Reigns, the man WWE clearly wants as their successor to John Cena. A man who’s title dreams were put on hold after the fans flat-our rejected his WrestleMania push earlier this year because they felt WWE were forcing him on us before he was ready. Is he ready now? Is it finally his time to shine? Not if Alberto Del Rio has anything to say about it. The returning Latin superstar (and MexAmerica representative, apparently) would love nothing more than to once again hold the World Title of the biggest promotion in all the land, especially since his previous reigns were so damn forgettable.

Who I Want to Win: Roman Reigns; No offense to Del Rio, but I am not itching for him to be World Champion again.

Who Will Win: Roman Reigns and you all know it.


WWE Championship Tournament Final


Since we don’t even know who is going to be in the final, I’m gonna do something fun here. I’m gonna take my previous “Who Will Win” columns her and hypothetically predict that instead. After all, people already assume it’ll be Ambrose and Reigns in the final, leading to a brand new first-time WWE Champion. We have no reason to think otherwise. People mainly want to see this because for some reason, people really want to see the wildly popular Dean Ambrose turn heel. Because apparently, we don’t have enough heels as it is.

Who I Want to Win: Dean Ambrose. I’ve been waiting for so long for this dude to win the title.

Who Will Win: Roman Reigns. And no heel turn will happen. Sheamus will try to cash in Money in the Bank after the match is over and Reigns and Ambrose will team up and stop him from doing it. I somehow feel like this is the most original prediction on the matter because so many people want to smell a heel turn and I also feel like there’s a good chance it’ll actually happen. Or the two will turn heel; remember, I don’t always get it right.


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