FearlessRiOT’s Tuesday Top 10: Favorite The 100 Characters

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these and it wasn’t year-end themed. As much as I would love to pump out these countdowns every single week, I needed a little bit of time to think up some more topics to make countdowns out of. Luckily, that’s exactly what I did and and I’m pleased to announce that the Tuesday Top 10 is back! Just think of this as a Season 2 premiere or something; hell, it actually fits given that the comeback edition is entirely dedicated to a television program that’s about to return for another season.

I named The 100 my #1 favorite TV show of 2015. I got so hooked on that show that I finished the Season 1 box set within a one-week timespan, and it would’ve been a one-day timespan if I didn’t have other outside priorities taking up my time. And when the Season 2 box set came out, I finished that within a week too. This show is THAT exciting.

100 juvenile delinquents who lived in an ark their entire lives were sent to Earth years after a nuclear war to see if the land was still inhabitable. Turns out that not only is it INHABITABLE, it is also INHABITED by people known as the Grounders, who they do not get along with. Eventually, the adults of the ark join them on land and the whole show breaks into chaos with each episode. This is easily one of TV’s most underrated gems, complete with thrilling action, engaging storylines, and strong characters of both genders everywhere you turn. And luckily, Season 3 premieres this Thursday, and if you haven’t checked out the show yet, it is not too late to add it to your NetFlix queue. In fact, you wanna know what characters to look out for?  Or are you already a fan of the show and would like to spark a conversation? Well, in this edition of the Tuesday Top 10, I will let you all know who my personal favorites are…and who I hope remain my personal favorites by the time Season 3 wraps up!

#10. Jasper Jordan (Played by Devon Bostick)

So yeah, this kid almost died in the first season; if he did, he probably wouldn’t be on this list because like most of the characters on this show, he really hit his stride when the second season came along. In Season One, the most significant things I remember about him is that 1) He and Monty (Christopher Larkin) are BFFs and 2) he had a crush on Octavia. He was even her night in shining armor before when she was almost viciously murdered by a sea serpent. In that case, Jasper’s ability to crush on girls was a major convenience. However, he’d probably come to regret that come Season Two when his next squeeze Maya (Eve Harlow) met the cruel, cloudy touch of death in Mount Weather, a place he previously assumed to be a heaven-on-Earth before quickly realizing just how terrorizing the place truly is. I was gonna have him and Monty share this spot, but really, Jasper has been through more in personal opinion; plus, he’s one of the more fun characters on the show, but he clearly has other layers to him, some maybe yet to be unraveled and could be in the aftermath of the Season Two finale.

#9. Kyle Wick (Played by Steve Talley)

One of my biggest failings as a movie and TV viewer over the years is that I tend to gravitate so easily to comedy that I’d often dismiss drama as boring to watch. And even though I’ve wised up and gained more of an appreciation for drama (which this show has plenty of), I still tend to enjoy seeing comedic characters in the things I watch. And when it comes to the wild world of The 100, few come with more funny bones than Kyle Wick. Kyle is a jokester; he’s admitted it himself. Kinda easy to crack jokes when you barely have to go into the line of danger yourself. But his sense of humor is only half the reason he’s on here; the other reason is because he and Raven are truly one of the best couples on television. Even though they don’t really wanna call themselves that, they’re a couple and they’ve consummated the relationship; they can downplay it all they want, but I don’t get the feeling that this is a Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis in Friends With Benefits thing. The chemistry is there and any time they’re on-screen together is easily a highlight. I’ll get to Raven a little bit later on, by the way.

#8. Thelonious Jaha (Played by Isaiah Washington)

Manny Santos (Cassie Steele) from the TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation (which you can probably expect a “favorite characters” list on soon) used to have this catchphrase she’s often say to describe people or situations: “cuckoo-bananas”. That’s the perfect diagnosis for Jaha in Season Two of The 100. In Season 1, he was one of the many talking head adults looking to find ways to keep the people of the ark safe; in Season 2, after finding out that his son is dead and confronting the spirit of him on his way to Earth, a chance meeting with a mother/son duo in the dessert gets him on a journey to a place called the “City of Light”. What is it? Honestly, even he doesn’t know, but he convinces people to follow him there anyway while constantly spouting off seemingly delusional nonsense that would make you think he somehow inherited a Diploma from the Bray Wyatt School of Philosophy. But is he really crazy or is he secretly a genius? Whatever your answer is, it makes for some really interesting viewing and makes him a standout character on the show! And hey, he does make it to the city at the end of the season, so maybe his faith hasn’t led him astray. Maybe.

#7. Lexa (Played by Alycia Debnam-Carey)

You turncoat! …..OK, I had to get that one out. But despite that, is she really that much of a turncoat? OK, going back to the beginning for her, Lexa is the leader of the grounders now that Anya (Dichen Lachman) is dead, and much like fellow grounder Indra (Adina Porter), she is ruthless and always does what’s best for her people like a good captain should. She cares so much for her people that if they are to be massacred, whoever pulled the trigger must die because “blood must have blood”. The rogue side of Finn learned that the hard way. Lexa does have her reasonable side; she does hear Clarke’s proposals out. But at the end of the day, she’s still a woman with a people to look after, so when Mount Weather offered to return her people at the expense of Clarke’s people, could you really blame her for taking the deal? Well, maybe in Season 3, there can be something more for Lexa and Clarke after that kiss they had. At least the Clexa shippers hope so; you thought Camren shippers go hard? Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet; Tumblr-search “Clexa” and see what I mean.

#6. John Murphy (Played by Richard Harmon)

It really ain’t easy being the bad boy…..at least I assume that’s the case; I’ve admittedly never been much of a rebel. But it anyone can attest to that, it’s probably Murphy. Cursed with an alcoholic mother after his father was floated (sent into space with no gear to die, for any non-fans who know what that means), this kid really had it rough. But just because he has a tragic backstory doesn’t completely justify immoral actions, and he’s immediately established as an untrustworthy person upon arrival on the ground. Granted he did kill a couple of people and wounded Raven by shooting her (more on that later), but he was not the one who killed Wells Jaha like everyone thought (a little girl was behind that one). So in Season 2, when Jaha promised a new beginning basically if he went with him to the City of Lights, you could understand why Murphy would go along with it. Last we saw of him, he was chilling in lighthouse, listening to “Werewolves of London”, enjoying some chow, and watching footage of a guy commiting suicide…..kind of a dark way to end the season. But in Season 3, he’s been promoted to main cast member (I don’t know why he was just billed as “recurring” in the last two), so something must come of this, right?

#5. Lincoln (Played by Ricky Whittle)
So usually when it wasn’t Jasper trying to be Hercules for Octavia, Lincoln was usually the one at her rescue. The two met by pure chance in Season 1 and after Octavia showed him a little tender loving care, they kind of became a thing. It also helps that when Bellamy and he others tried to beat answers out of him, she didn’t wanna have any of it. Octavia and Lincoln were basically a Romeo and Juliet romance in Season One; thank God they didn’t end like the actual Romeo and Juliet and they both lived to see Season Two. I’ll touch back on Octavia a little later, but Lincoln in Season Two was basically an honorary grounder as they seemed to gain a mutual trust, even after they accidentally killed him and bought him back to life after he got a lethal dose of that Mountain Men medicine. Yeah, he’s kind of addicted to that stuff, which is kind of a struggle for him since it turns him into a ruthless killer; turns out, though, that he doesn’t want to be a ruthless killer and his backstory explains why. I think it’s pretty cool that there’s a grounder with compassion who wishes not to be so ruthless; in his own special way, it’s a form of rebellion while also remaining loyal. Kinda hope he remains that way in Season 3 and doesn’t become a monster out of nowhere anyway.

#4. Bellamy Blake (Played by Bob Morley)


Bellamy took on the role of a leader when he and the 100 delinquents made it to Earth. Actually, I should’ve added the word “co” there because he and Clarke are actually the co-leaders. Unlike Clarke (at least at the start), Bellamy is not afraid to make the difficult decisions that have to be made for the crew. But if there’s any member of the crew he most cares for, it’s his younger sister Octavia. He cared for her when they were on the ark and he cares for her now even during her transition into a young adult. He’d risk pretty much anything to keep her safe and that’s probably his most admirable trait. Also admirable (and badass, quite frankly) is the fact that he was willing to sneak around Mount Weather, KO a guard, use his gear to get around the premises undetected, and do what he felt he needed to do to save his people (and some children) from Mount Weather. Bellamy is a guy you can always trust to come through, and because of that, he’s the highest-ranking male character on the countdown. That’s right, the Top 3 is all-female. The reason why? Well…..prepare yourselves.

#3. Raven Reyes (Played by Lindsey Morgan)
I’m not gonna beat around the bush here: Raven Reyes may be the character who it’s most easy to feel for on this entire show. She has been though some stuff, let me tell you. Not only has she taken levels of physical damage that could rival Mick Foley‘s, but she’s taken enough levels of emotional damage to inspire an entire Adele/Taylor Swift joint album. While her relationship with Wick is a positive for her, she has a flip side to deal with in that she was once shot so badly that she had to have surgery while awake to remove the bullet, and even after that, one of her legs became officially paralyzed. Also, she was once tortured for a crime she didn’t commit, she got her flesh dug into again when Mount Weather’s bone marrow surgeons got their hands on her and her people, and to top it all off, she had to watch her first love Finn be murdered by Clarke to prevent the Grounders from potentially doing worse while he was alive. That’s a hell of a lot for one girl, who for the record is a mechanic and a damn good one too, to have to put up with. And in the process, you can feel her pain too therefore connect with her more as a character. It also serves to add a legitimately tougher side to her already fierce demeanor; she already had the potential to be a stronger character and after Season Two, there’s no doubt that she is one. 
#2. Clarke Griffin (Played by Eliza Taylor)
We now come to the main protagonist herself, the leader of the pack. The moral compass by which all the 100 delinquents should place at least a modicum of their trust into because she will not lead them down the wrong path…..OK, maybe those last couple words are not completely true. Really, in Season 1, she wasn’t exactly Ms. Popular with everyone else despite the fact that she clearly had the best interests of everyone at heart. All she wants to do is make peace between the Sky People and the Grounders. But since no one wants to cooperate, she’s forced to do things that go against her morals on numerous occasions. She was forced into fighting Anya (and won), forced to make harsh decisions any time one of her own committed a crime, had to sacrifice Finn in perhaps the show’s most heartbreaking moment, and kill a bunch of other people (Dante included) just to free hers from Mount Weather. She never wanted a body count, but she sure as hell has one now; she’s an imperfect leader, but nobody said this job would be easy and at least she can say she tried. But he ended Season 2 with a huge question mark over how to handle the aftermath, and based on the Season 3 promo pics, more of Clarke’s dark side should be on the way! Bring it on!
#1. Octavia Blake (Played by Marie Avgeropoulos)
Like I said in the intro, The 100 has strong characters of both genders;  it’s often be praised for portraying women in a powerful light. And for a great example on the evolution of someone into such an image, look no further than Bellamy‘s little sister Octavia. Born on the ark, where having siblings on board is illegal (you know, for food preservation purposes and stuff), she had to live under a floorboard for most of her life. So when The 100 were sent to Earth, you could understand why she was happy to have a little freedom. Her carelessness did get her in a world of trouble a lot, having to be saved by her fellow Sky People (and Lincoln) a few times. But in Season 2, we got to see a new side to her as she became so enamored with the Grounder way of battle that she was trained by Indra to learn how to not “fight like a child”. The results were astonishing; a damsel no longer, she’s now one of the stronger characters on the show and has definitely undergone one of the most drastic character developments. Unfortunately, Indra kicked Octavia to the curb after showing a twinkle of compassion and care for her brother, but at least she still has the new, more independent attitude and gets to keep the skills; it’s not like she can just un-learn them. But how will she use them? How often will she use them? Like Clarke, I was left wondering where Octavia would go after Season 2, and if the Season 3 trailer is any indication, the answer will be “dark places”. I say again: Bring. It. ON!
Honorable Mentions:
+ Indra (Played by Adina Porter)
Indra is a character that’s kind of legitimately scary in that she’s the most take-no-prisoners person on here. The Grounder army have a determined leader with her.
+ Finn Collins (Played by Thomas McDonell)
Don’t worry, I definitely didn’t forget about this guy. His death is still a heartbreaking moment, but even before then, I can’t say he was a character I was super-invested in.
+ Abigail Griffin (Played by Paige Turco)
When I was just started out watching this show, I thought Abby was a bit of a nag. After going through the entire serious, she’s grown on me. Slightly.
+ Monty Green (Played by Christopher Larkin)
Again, would have shared #1 with Jasper if I had seen him go through just as much turmoil and character growth as Jasper and I don’t think I did.
+ Anya (Played by Dichen Lachman)
I kinda didn’t want her to die. I mean, sure, we have Lexa, but Anya, stubborn as she was sometimes, was a character I kinda wanted to see more of. But nope, a bullet spelled her demise.
+ Maya Vie (Played by Eve Harlow)
Yup; another dead character. I actually found myself hoping she’d make it out of Mount Weather to civilization. Instead, she just ended up in Clarke’s lengthy obituary column
+ Dante Wallace (Raymond J. Barry)
Hey, I gotta shout-out a fellow art enthusiast. Yup, another in a line of people Clarke has killed when her hands got tied, turns out he wasn’t as evil as previously assumed after all. His son, however; yeah, that guy was a monster.
 What do you think of this edition of Tuesday Top 10? Leave a comment or tweet me up @FearlessRiOT with your opinion or even to suggest a topic for a future edition!

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