FearlessRiOT Forecast: WWE Battleground 2016

The Battleground has been prepared for massacre, and the Superstars of WWE have their flags at the ready, and we’re all prepared to watch the action unfold on WWE’s final B-PPV before the big summertime extravaganza known as SummerSlam! Yes, Battleground is this weekend and the card honestly doesn’t look too bad on paper…in most cases. It’s definitely not a perfect card as two champions are competing on the show without putting their championships on the line and midcard title opportunities going to people that I never would have expected to see challenging for them at the start of 2016. But due to the level of talent on the show and the rivalries that most of them are involved in, this card looks pretty decent in theory. Now it’s up to WWE to make sure that it translates well to television by booking a good show, as well as the talent on the show to make sure they give a good first impression in the first pay-per-view of the new WWE Draft Era. Who will come out on top in a PPV that has one of the coolest marketing ideas WWE has ever come up with? Well…here’s what I have to say about it.


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