FearlessRiOT Forecast: 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

Whoever said that music video is dead didn’t tell the artists nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards this year. It seems like most artists nominated had something prove with their clips. Adele wanted to let everyone know that she’s back and just as good as always. Bieber wanted to prove his personal slip-ups wouldn’t cause him to fade away and be classified as obsolete like Brother Nero. Beyoncé wanted to prove that racial injustices in this world are still alive and that the black community will not back down. Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony both wanted to prove they’ve matured and are no longer the little girls singing about sleepovers and food. Drake’s goal had to have been to note lose his meme potential; why else would he dance like that on camera? And if Kanye‘s goal was to keep his feud with Taylor Swift going, then accomplished his mission loud and clear. And that’s not even including the many videos that existed with the main intent to shill Dr. Dre’s Beats Pills (looking at you, Coldplay). So who’s point will lead them to a moonman or two, and who’s will fall on deaf ears? Quick reminder that I’m not going to get into the technical fields (Best Direction, Best Cinematography, etc.), partly because I’m not a specialist in any of those fields and partly because the performance categories are more than enough. However, the late David Bowie is nominated for several of them and hopefully he wins one. Also, I’m not doing the Song of the Summer category that MTV decided to tack on at the last minute and have only allowed voting for on the musical.ly app, which I’m not downloading. Why? Ask I Hate Everything. Anyway, let’s have a look at the nominees for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards!

Best Male VideoMale

Bryson Tiller really sticks out like a sore thumb in this category. First of all, I’m shocked they didn’t throw a Bieber video in this category, especially since he is up for the night’s biggest prize. And second, his video for “Don’t” is actually really boring, at least to me. I pointed that out in the BET Awards Forecast and my opinion has not changed since. At least the other videos have more noteworthy elements about them. Calvin Harris doesn’t even appear in his “This Is What You Came For” video; he just lets Rihanna and a wall of bright colors do all the work. It looks like if “Rope” from Foo Fighters and “Hotline Bling” from Drake mashed together and Rihanna bought the property exclusively to dance inside. And speaking of “Hotline Bling”, dancing is all that happens in this video, but the secret to its success is just how hilariously bad that dancing is. You just can’t look away. You’ll probably want to look away from Kanye‘s NSFW video, which I’ll go into greater detail about later, because it’s just Kanye naked in bed with naked celebrity impersonators for some reason. And the Weeknd rounds out the field with his Michael Jackson-esque clip for “Can’t Feel My Face”, a video where he tries to catch Chanel Iman‘s attention, but end up losing an Inferno Match to a random spectator.
Who I Want to Win: The Weeknd; let him know he did not get set ablaze in vain. Or Drake, just for giving us comedy through the art of dance. Either will do.
Who Will Win: Since Justin Bieber isn’t in this field, I am confident in saying it will go to Drake.

Best Female VideoFemale

Best Electronic VideoEDM

So I’m still not on the GiGi Hadid bandwagon. I do have my favorite models, including Nina Agdal and Ashley Graham, but GiGi Hadid is not one of them. Apparently I’m the only one because she’s everywhere, including various music videos, from Zayn‘s “Pillowtalk” to Calvin Harris‘ nominee here, “How Deep Is Your Love”, where she wakes up out of a lab and teleports from place to place. Meanwhile, the guy in the video do 99 Souls’ “Girl”/“The Boy Is Mine” mashup/remix “The Girl Is Mine” is the only forward-walker in a world where everyone is moving backward. “Summerthing” features a part at a gas station while “I Took A Pill in Ibiza” makes a good case for Mike Posner needing stay at home instead of partying. And apparently, the hydraulics in Chainsmokers‘ car gets turned on by Daya looking like a cross between Elizabeth Olsen and Rebecca Black in “Don’t Let Me Down”.
Who I Want to Win:Mike Posner. That giant head is damn funny.
Who Will Win: The Chainsmokers and Daya; look at how big a hit that song is and how The Chainsmokers are pumping out hits, which I never would’ve expected from the “#Selfie” guys.

Best Pop VideoPop

I don’t even know if it’s gonna be a fair fight for Alessia Cara here. In fact, it definitely won’t be for the 20 year old from Brampton, Canada; she’s clearly the underdog going into this one. It’s no secret I’m an Alessia Cara fan, and the “Wild Things” video is a fun clip where Cara and her friends have as much good, healthy fun as they can while they’re still young, no matter what anyone things about it. It suspiciously lacks the creatures from Where The Wild Things Are, but they probably have too high a fee. You know how those fantasy characters can be after they make it big. But despite all of this, the fact remains that she’s a newcomer going up against four heavyweights of pop music. The Beyoncé, Adele, and Bieber videos are all even nominated for Video of the Year, while “Into You” also finds itself at least in Best Pop Video also. Therefore, Cara is the wildcard in this category. And that is why…
Who I Want to Win: Alessia Cara. Again, it’s a wildcard and her winning seems incredibly unlikely, but I would love to see it happen though.
Who Will Win: Most likely either “Sorry” or “Formation”.

Best Hip-Hop VideoHip-Hop

First of all, apologies to the Skye Sweetnam-fronted Sumo Cyco for their exclusion in this category. Their on-going but little-viewed “Lost in Cyco City” series is an unpredictable, over-the-top series of Chapters that sees the former teen singer wander everyone from haunted houses to a fistfight with a giant robot. It’s a pretty imaginative series of clips, and chances are the reason they aren’t nominated is because of their lack of fame. Meanwhile, the five artists who are nominated are all pretty well known. Bieber‘s PURPOSE: The Movement videos (many of which he doesn’t appear in) is probably his most ambitious visual project to date. Florence Welch‘s Odyssey is a 48-minute ride through Breakup City, and like all Florence videos, it’s a work of art that must be experienced. Troye Sivan‘s Blue Neighborhood follows a same-sex relationship and Chris Brown‘s Royalty follows him through a wild night that turns out to have not even really happened. I give him props for directing the videos himself. But let’s be honest: this category was created for one reason and one reason only. We all know one single beverage-titled piece of work is the sole reason for this category’s existence; that film has this award in the bag and and we all know which video that is.
Who I Want To Win: Honestly, I’d love if Florence won only because she and her Machine barely every get their just due at popular award shows. But Lemonade is untouchable.
Who Will Win: Emphasis on “untouchable” when I describe Lemonade. I feel like this short film is the reason this category was made in the first place.


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