FearlessRiOT Top 20 Music Countdown [April 28th, 2017]

It is very rare when a song debuts in the Top 2 of the Top 20 Countdown; digging back in the archives (which I’ll probably try to upload at a later date) will find only a few examples of it, one of the most notable being “The Climb” from Miley Cyrus debuting at #2 all the way back in March of 2009 before sliding into the #1 spot the following week. This week, Top 20 Countdown mainstays Paramore accomplish the first half of that feat; the leadoff single from their upcoming album After Laughter is called “Hard Times” (I wonder if Dusty Rhodes partially influenced that title) and it is their 15th song to make the chart, making a very strong #2 debut. The song that kept it from debuting at #1? “Stay” from Zedd & Alessia Cara. It’s Zedd’s first #1 song and Alessia Cara’s 4th; the song is also reportedly set to be performed on the Radio Disney Music Awards this weekend. Bruno Mars slips down to #3 with “That’s What I Like” while Gorillaz, who’s new album HUMANZ is in stores now, stay put with “Saturnz Barz” at #4 and Kendrick Lamar launches into the #5 spot with “HUMBLE.” Rounding out the Top 10 are “Thumbs” from Sabrina Carpenter (#6), “The Fighter” from Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood (#7), “Shape of You” from Ed Sheeran (#8), “Invisible” from Christina Grimmie (#9), and “Oh My God” from The Pretty Reckless (#10). Along with Paramore, there are also countdown debuts from Stitched Up Heart and RDMA’s co-host Sofia Carson.

Check out the FearlessRiOT Top 20 Music Countdown for the week of April 28th, 2017!

BONUS SONG – #1 This Week A Year Ago:

#20) Sofia Carson “Back to Beautiful”
[DEBUT + PEAK: #20]

#19) Harry Styles “Sign of the Times”
[2nd WEEK + PEAK: #19]

#18) Big Sean “Bounce Back”
[7th WEEK + PEAK: #10]

#17) Zayn & Taylor Swift “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”
[16th WEEK + PEAK: #2]

#16) Lauren Alaina “Road Less Traveled”
[35th WEEK + PEAK: #1]

#15) Stitched Up Heart “Catch Me When I Fall”
[DEBUT + PEAK: #15]

#14) Pop Evil “If Only For Now”
[3rd WEEK + PEAK: #14]

#13) S.E.S. “Paradise”
[6th WEEK + PEAK: #13]

#12) Tinashe “Flame”
[5th WEEK + PEAK: #12]

#11) Rihanna “Love On The Brain”
[17th WEEK + PEAK: #1]

#10) The Pretty Reckless “Oh My God”
[14th WEEK + PEAK: #1]

#9) Christina Grimmie “Invisible”
[6th WEEK + PEAK: #9]

#8) Ed Sheeran “Shape of You”
[15th WEEK + PEAK: #1]

#7) Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood “The Fighter”
[11th WEEK+ PEAK: #1]

#6) Sabrina Carpenter “Thumbs”
[8th WEEK + PEAK: #5]

#5) Kendrick Lamar “HUMBLE.”
[3rd WEEK + PEAK: #5]

#4) Gorillaz featuring Popcaan “Saturnz Barz”
[5th WEEK + PEAK: #4]

#3) Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like”
[10th WEEK + PEAK: #1]

#2) Paramore “Hard Times”
[DEBUT + PEAK: #2]

#1) Zedd & Alessia Cara “Stay”
[6th WEEK + PEAK: #1]

Top 20 - 4-28-17

Countdown Contenders to Watch For:
+ Bleeker “Highway”
+ CFO$ featuring Lesley Roy “Free the Flame (Ember Moon)”
+ Cheat Codes featuring Demi Lovato “No Promises”
+ Chris Stapleton “Second One to Know”
+ DJ Khaled, Beyoncé, & Jay Z “Shining”
+ Ed Sheeran “Castle on the Hill”
+ Gorillaz featuring D.R.A.M. “Andromeda”
+ Hailee Steinfeld “Most Girls”
+ Incubus “Glitterbomb”
+ Incubus “Nimble Bastard”
+ Kygo & Ellie Goulding “First Time”
+ Lorde “Green Light”
+ Maren Morris “I Could Use A Love Song”
+ Michelle Branch “Hopeless Romantic”
+ Miranda Lambert “We Should Be Friends”
+ Tim McGraw & Faith Hill “Speak to a Girl”
+ ZZ Ward “The Deep”

You can recommend music by placing suggestions in the comment section below or hitting me up @FearlessRiOT on Twitter!


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